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THE BOWDEN DYNASTY: A Story of Faith, Family & Football – An Insider’s Account
By Charlie Barnes and Bobby Bowden
BOOK 464 Pages
Paperback, English

THE FSU DYNASTY stands as one of the greatest achievements in all sports history. But what were the seeds of this Dynasty? It all began with one man, Bobby Bowden.

Author Charlie Barnes served as executive director and senior vice president of Seminole Boosters until his retirement in 2012. He and Coach Bowden traveled together on the annual Seminole Booster banquet-and-golf circuit (The Bobby Bowden Tour), for more than thirty years. Charlie Barnes was also the voice of the boosters, and his articles appeared in the Report to Boosters, Unconquered Magazine, the Florida State Times, the Overtime Times, the Tallahassee Democrat, and the Scalping Knife. This special collection of essays spotlight the extraordinary strength of Coach Bobby Bowden’s leadership and character, providing entertaining insight into the national landscape surrounding Florida State football in the 14-year dynasty era.

Coach Bobby Bowden and his son Steve teamed together to provide Bobby’s insights on each of the 14 years of the “Dynasty”. This engaging book is a companion to the 2017 feature documentary film The Bowden Dynasty.

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